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athelete's foot fungi in Lisburn

How Do You Prevent and Treat Athlete’s Foot?

athelete's foot fungi in Lisburn

Athlete’s foot, commonly known as tinea pedis, is a contagious fungal condition that affects the skin on the feet. Furthermore, it can extend to the hands and toenails. The fungus is known as athlete’s foot because it often affects athletes. Although it’s not dangerous, it can be challenging to treat. Call your pharmacist or doctor straight away if you believe you have athlete’s foot and have diabetes or a compromised immune system. Continue reading for more information on athlete’s foot fungi in Lisburn.

What causes athlete’s foot fungi to develop?

The tinea fungi grow on the feet and cause athlete’s foot. Close contact with an infected individual or handling contaminated surfaces are some of the ways to contract the fungus. The majority of cases of athlete’s foot are brought on by a number of fungi that are all members of the dermatophyte family, which also brings about jock itch and ringworm. The fungi live on keratin, a protein that is present in hair, nails, and skin, and they flourish in enclosed, warm, wet settings.

Treat athelete's foot fungi in Lisburn

Who is at risk for athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot can affect anyone, but some activities raise your risk. The following factors increase the risk of developing athlete’s foot:

– Going barefoot in public spaces, particularly in showers, locker rooms, and swimming pools.
– Using an infected person’s socks, shoes, or towels as your own.
– Putting on tight, closed-toed footwear.
– Keeping your feet immersed in water for a long period of time.
– Having sweaty feet.
– Having a small cut or scratch on your foot’s skin or nail.

What are the symptoms of athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot may present with a variety of symptoms, which can include:

– A burning, stinging, or itchy sensation between your toes or on the bottoms of your feet.
– Itchy blisters on your feet.
– The skin on your feet being prone to cracking and peeling, especially between your toes and on the soles.
– Dry skin on the sides of your feet or the soles.
– Rough flesh on your feet.
– Thick, crumbly, and discoloured toenails.
– Separated toenails from the nail bed.

Treat athelete's foot fungi in Lisburn

What gets rid of athlete’s foot fast?

OTC topical antifungal drugs are frequently effective in treating athlete’s foot. Your doctor may recommend topical or oral antifungal prescription strength medications if over-the-counter meds are ineffective in treating your infection. In order to aid in the healing of the infection, your doctor might also suggest at-home remedies.

Athlete’s foot can be treated with a variety of over-the-counter topical antifungal drugs. Contact your pharmacist for more details.

How can a pharmacist help with athlete’s foot fungi?

It’s unlikely that athlete’s foot will get healed on its own, but you can purchase antifungal medications for it at a pharmacy. The medications usually take some weeks to work.

Treatments for athlete’s foot include:

– Creams
– Powders
– Sprays

Not all of them are appropriate for everyone; for instance, some are only meant for adults. Always check the medication package or consult a pharmacist.

To find the one that works most for you, you may have to try a few different treatments.

How to treat and prevent athlete’s foot fungi yourself

You can continue using some prescription medications to prevent the recurrence of athlete’s foot. Additionally, it’s critical to maintain dry and clean feet. You don’t have to skip work or class, simply:

– Dab your feet dry instead of rubbing them after washing, paying special attention to the space in between your toes.
– Use a unique foot towel, and wash it frequently.
– Remove your shoes while you are at home.
– Cotton socks are the best; wear clean socks every day.


In some circumstances, athlete’s foot might cause complications. A mild complication from the fungus is an allergic reaction, which might result in blistering on the hands or feet. After treatment, it’s also likely that the fungal infection might come back.

In the event that a secondary bacterial infection occurs, the problems could become more serious. Your foot may be hot, uncomfortable, and swollen in this situation. Fever, pus, and discharge are other indications of a bacterial infection.

How to permanently prevent athlete’s foot fungi

You can take a number of steps to help avoid athlete’s foot infections:

– Wash and dry your feet thoroughly every day, paying specific attention to the spaces in between your toes.
– Wash socks, linens, and towels in water that is at least 140°F (60°C).
– Apply an antifungal powder to your feet daily.
– Don’t let anyone else use your shoes, socks, or towels.
– Wear sandals when using public restrooms, walking near public pools, and other public areas.
– Put on socks produced of breathable sock fibres.
– Replace your socks when your feet start to sweat.
– Stay barefoot to let your feet breathe when you’re at home.
– Put on breathable material-made footwear.

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