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Do you have regular pain in your feet? Have a foot condition that seems to be getting worse, rather than better?

At Grahame Pharmacy we have partnered with Dunmurry Footcare to bring you a private podiatry clinic. Located within the clinic room in the pharmacy you can speak to, and be treated by, one of our experienced podiatrists. The clinic is held every Saturday, from 9.00 am to 12.30. Appointments last 30 minutes and cost £35.00 payable in cash. Please ask our staff to book a session for you, either in person at the pharmacy or through our contact form. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

What do podiatrists do?

A podiatrist specialises in the treatment and diagnosis of common problems with the feet, such as bunions and ingrowing toenails. In addition, they are also able to treat issues that are affecting the lower limb. The other common term that is used for these specialists is chiropodist.

Podiatrists can help to alleviate foot problems such as fungal toenails, verrucae’s, corns, blisters, cracked heels, infections, athlete’s foot, and smelly feet; alongside offering you and your family practical advice on foot care routines and what type of shoes are beneficial.

How can a podiatrist help you?

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort from your feet, you may want to visit our private podiatry clinic in Lambeg where one of the skilled podiatrists will be able to diagnose and treat your complaint.

People will most commonly seek treatment for routine care of their feet. The podiatrist can professionally debride (remove) calluses (hard skin) and corns from your feet, and cut your toenails if mobility, thickening of the toenails, or infection make it difficult for you to do yourself.

It is important that toenails are cut following their contour, and not too short. Nails should not be cut down the sides, but also not straight across as this can leave sharp corners, which can pierce the flesh of the toe resulting in an ingrowing toenail or wound. If the nail plate is seen to be thickened this can be alleviated by gentle filing over the the top of the nail.

Corns and calluses occur over areas that are subjected to pressure and friction. This pressure may be a result of inappropriate footwear, poor foot mechanics (i.e. the way you walk), or because of your day to day activity (sport, work). Corns can feel like little stones when you are walking. It is strongly advised not to try and cut these out yourself, or use corn plasters. These pads contain an acid which can burn the healthy skin as well as the corn itself.

Verrucas, often mistaken for corns, are wart lesions that occur on the foot. They are caused by a virus so they will not necessarily occur in places subject to pressure or friction. They often appear with small black dots and can be painful when direct pressure is applied to them. Unlike corns, they cannot be removed via debridement. Verrucae do not necessarily cause pain and may disappear without external treatment. If, however, you notice that it appears to be getting larger, a course of treatment can be devised with the podiatrist to include debridement of overlying callus and use of topical caustic ointment.

Foot pain can also be caused by biomechanical issues; problems that arise from the way our muscles function and joints are aligned. The foot has many bones and muscles which work together to allow the foot and ankle to move in different directions during the walking and running cycle. If the foot moves incorrectly during this cycle it may cause the other muscles, bones, joints in the feet, legs, hips and back to compensate. Compensation often leads to these muscles and joints needing to work harder, which can result in a variety of aches and pains. These pains do not disappear and may have an impact on our daily activities.

Alongside these common problems the podiatrists will also be able to offer guidance and treatment for bunions and cracked heels.

Grahame Pharmacy Podiatry

Podiatrist’s do more than treat these common problems

During your appointment, the podiatrist may recommend you wear specific footwear, or the use of orthotics (tailor-made inserts) to help with your foot issues. Orthotics can reduce your symptoms and provide you with the customised support that your feet require to make daily activities more comfortable.

The podiatrist can observe the way you walk and the range of motion of the joints in your foot and ankle to identify any abnormalities that may be the root cause of your problem. If the foot is moving in a direction that it shouldn’t the prescription of orthotics and exercises by the podiatrist may help support the foot. Orthotics can help to improve lower limb mechanics and prevent deterioration of the condition, therefore reducing the risk of serious effect of poor alignment on knees, hips, and the lower back.

Podiatrists can also diagnose and treat more complex foot problems related to sports injuries, foot complications due to diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis.

How do I book?

The clinic is held every Saturday, from 9.00 am to 12.30. Appointments last 30 minutes and cost £35.00 payable in cash. Please ask our staff to book a session for you, either in person at the pharmacy or through our contact form.

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