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Why You Should Sign Up for 24-Hour Prescription Collection


In recent years, the needs of patients and the pharmacy sector have gradually evolved. That’s why we continue to improve our services to suit your busy life in the modern world. We now offer 24-hour prescription collection so that you can get your medications at any time of day or night. Pharmaself24 is a sophisticated and automatic dispensing system that responds to both pharmacist and patient requests.  Prescriptions are collected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This not only saves a great deal of queuing, but it also saves you time. Keep reading to find out how to order a repeat prescription in Lisburn.

What is 24 hour prescription collection?

The issue at hand is the transmission of information regarding new prescriptions obtained from patients to the pharmacy. Most people may have been satisfied with the old-fashioned method of writing prescriptions on paper. Patients, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly inconvenienced by the paper method, particularly those who are too busy to get to the pharmacy and pick up their pills.

Instead of the usual paper prescription pad, electronic prescriptions provide computer-based security. The doctor signs the prescription electronically and sends it to the pharmacist right away. While the patient is on the way, the prescriptions can be completed at the pharmacy. At the end of the day, this saves a lot of time.

order repeat prescription in Lisburn

How do I use your 24 hour automated prescription collection?

To take advantage of Grahame Pharmacy’s repeat prescription delivery service, you must first sign up with us. We’ll need your patient information, such as your GP’s name and which repeat medicines you’re taking. You’ll also provide us with your bank account information so that we can easily collect payment for your prescriptions, but only if you pay for them and after they’ve been delivered. This service may be quickly signed up for online in a matter of seconds.

Patients can pick up their medications at automated collection points at pharmacies that have accepted the electronic system. The machine is usually located outside the store so that it may be conveniently accessed.

Even if your pharmacy is already closed, you can pick up your medication at a time that suits you.

When selecting this service, you simply need to take five simple steps:

1. Register by clicking the Register button.
2. When your prescription is ready, our staff will send you an email reminder.
3. You will receive a text message with your private PIN code.
4. Use the Pharmaself24 touchscreen to log in with your information and select your medications.

How does the order repeat prescription service in Lisburn work?

After signing up, our team will contact your GP clinic to collect your repeat prescription in the second stage. We can then prepare to send out your medicines when you need them once we’ve received your prescription and patient information. You can then collect your medication whenever it’s convenient for you.

We can also offer delivery if you need it. We will transport your medication to any address in the UK, including your workplace, home, a carer’s address, or a neighbour’s house. You will get confirmation that your prescription has already been processed prior to delivery. We will deduct payment from your account when your medication is shipped if you pay for your prescriptions. We advise that you get a repeat prescription well in advance of when you need your medications so you don’t get caught out.

order repeat prescription in Lisburn

Can you order a repeat prescription in Lisburn without going to the doctor?

Because prescribed medications require approval from a doctor, a repeat prescription indicates that you can obtain this medication from the pharmacy without making an appointment with the doctor first.

How do patients benefit from prescription collection & delivery?

As a patient, you will benefit from not having to contact or visit your GP every time your prescription medication runs out. You can pick up a batch of medication from the pharmacist at regular intervals. You also get prescriptions delivered at a time that is convenient for you.

If your medicine changes, you have any side effects, or your illness is not controlled properly by your medication, please feel free to contact us or your GP.

You can reach out to Grahame Pharmacy today by contacting us or signing up to begin receiving your prescriptions.

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This blog post was written on behalf of Grahame Pharmacy by Pharmacy Mentor.

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