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Travel Vaccines in Lisburn

Why Do I Need Travel Vaccines Before Travelling?

Travel Vaccines in Lisburn

If you want to go travel overseas, you should get immunised against some deadly diseases that are prevalent in other regions of the world. The vaccines are intended to protect you against diseases like typhoid, yellow fever, and hepatitis A. No matter where you’re travelling to, getting a jab is essential for your safety. Keep reading to find out more about travel vaccines in Lisburn.

Why are travel vaccines important?

You might come into contact with germs that you are not immune to when you travel outside the UK to another nation. This defence is commonly referred to as “immunity” in medical terminology, hence “immunisations.” This can result in infectious and deadly diseases like hepatitis A and yellow fever. The illnesses can occasionally be fatal because of their severity. Prior to your travel, getting vaccinated will enable your body to build up resistance to these viruses. Given that many of these disorders have deadly outcomes, travel vaccines are crucial.

Travel Vaccines in Lisburn

How do travel vaccines work?

Although travel vaccinations offer protection from a wide range of illnesses and infections, they all function in the same way. A jab mimics the pathogen that triggers the sickness or disease. Your immune system will be stimulated by this to make antibodies. These white blood cells specifically fight the particular illness. As a result, your defence system will eliminate the virus or bacteria if you are exposed to it before it can do any damage to your body.

It is essential that you have the vaccine at least 21 days, and often even longer, before your holiday. This provides your body with ample time to produce all the antibodies necessary to fully protect you.

Pharmacists are completely prepared to offer all kinds of antimalarial medications and travel immunisation. Prior to your journey, we also give you current health information and recommendations. This is done to make sure that before you travel, you are well aware of the risks that lie ahead of you.

When should I start thinking about the travel vaccines I need?

If possible, consult your doctor or a private travel clinic as early as 8 weeks before your travel.

Some vaccinations must be administered well in advance so that your body can build immunity.

Additionally, some immunisations require many doses given over a period of weeks or months.

You might be more susceptible to some diseases, for instance, if you’re:

– Travelling in rural places
– Staying in hostels or camping
– Backpacking
– On a long trip instead of a package holiday

You may be more susceptible to infection or health problems from a travel-related sickness if you already have a pre-existing health condition.


Which vaccinations do I need before travelling?

Before travelling overseas, you should receive the following travel vaccinations:

– Cholera vaccine: The cholera vaccine is not necessary for most travellers.
Diphtheria vaccine: This is a series of jabs that offer protection against diphtheria, tetanus, and polio.
– Hepatitis A vaccine: If you are going to an area where this condition is common and hygiene and sanitation is bad.
– Hepatitis B vaccination: When travelling to areas where hepatitis B is prevalent, a hepatitis B vaccine is vital.
Japanese encephalitis vaccine
– Meningococcal meningitis vaccine
– Immunisation against measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR)
– Rabies vaccine
– Vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis
– Tuberculosis (TB) vaccine
– Typhoid vaccine
– Yellow fever vaccine

Travel vaccines are perfectly safe. Many diseases, like malaria, however, cannot be avoided through vaccines. However, we do offer antimalarial medicines.

Where can I get my travel vaccines?

First, call or visit the GP office or practice nurse to find out if your current UK immunisations are current.

Inform the GP about your vaccines if you have any records of them.

Additionally, since not all GP practices are registered to offer free NHS travel vaccinations, you should inquire about this.

If the GP office does not offer travel vaccinations through the NHS, you can try a:

– Private travel vaccination facility
– A pharmacy that provides travel healthcare services

Your pharmacist can also provide you with general guidance regarding trip immunisations and travel health, for example how to avoid malaria.

If you require any more doses of your UK vaccinations, they can provide them.

Although it’s necessary to get vaccinated when travelling to specific regions, some travel vaccinations are not offered for free on the NHS.

However, you may receive free travel vaccinations from the NHS if your GP office is registered to do so.

Travel Vaccines in Lisburn

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